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Owner drop-off day care includes play/exercise, feedings, socialization with other dogs and treats

Dogs of all sizes            $15/day

Overnight stays; includes all the benefits of Day Care


Dogs weighing less than 50 lbs              $25/night

Dogs weighing 50 lbs or more              $30/night


Transport of your dog to a vet or grooming appointment anywhere in the Greater Grand Rapids area                  $10.00


Dog Day Care


Transportation and Special Requests

Price List

To contact us:

Phone: 616-233-0726

Fax: 616-233-0726

E-mail: BednBiscuit@winkingduck.com

Sunday –Saturday

= Usual Hours =

 7 am -  7 pm

Available for other time periods by prior arrangement

Hours of Service

Prices as of 1-1-2010