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~ Overnight lodging in a dog-centered home setting.

~ Includes daycare services. 

~ Pick up your dog when you return;  tell us when and

       we’ll do our best to accommodate you!

~ Crating available upon request

· Socializing with other dogs takes your dog’s mind off of missing you


· Alternative to traditional kennels, especially for elder dogs or sensitive spirits


· Good for business travelers, vacation time, or holidays


· Work needs to be done at your home?  Have your dog stay safe at The Winking Duck


· Dog-friendly home environment



Phone: 616-233-0726

Fax: 616-233-0726

E-mail: BednBiscuit@winkingduck.com

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Visit Price List to view all fees for Winking Duck services.

Sunday –Saturday

= Usual Hours =

 7 am -  7 pm

Available for other time periods by prior arrangement

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