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Phone: 616-233-0726

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E-mail: BednBiscuit@winkingduck.com

The Winking Duck Bed & Biscuit was started

by Barbara J Williams, former administrator of a

major West Michigan animal control operation for over

ten years.  While working in this position, Barbara saw

many good dogs given up for behavior problems by

owners who did not have enough time to adequately

meet their dog’s needs.


Barbara has a background in law enforcement, animal

control, and the mental health field, all of which

provided experiences that deepened her appreciation of dogs, dog lovers, and the importance of successful dog/owner relationships. The Winking Duck Bed & Biscuit seeks to help owners meet the needs of their canine kids, to maintain a healthy routine in busy lives, and to support the special bond between dogs and their humans. If you love dogs, you’re going to love everything about us!


The home is located in central Grand Rapids, convenient to I-196 and US-131 exits. For more details on the location visit  Contact Us


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